S:t Erik Försäkrings AB

The Company

S:t Erik Försäkring was founded in 1986 and is part of the Stockholm Stadshus AB Group, which is wholly owned by the City of Stockholm. The purpose of the company is to provide insurance cover for activities run by the City of Stockholm or other related companies.


S:t Erik Försäkring shall contribute to the City of Stockholm having risk awareness and security thinking, in order to prevent claims, maintain the service level of the City and minimise the insurance cost.

Business Concept

S:t Erik Försäkring is tasked with helping the City of Stockholm’s administrations and companies to identify and manage insurable risks, and with providing solutions that are cost-effective and customised according to needs. The company shall make its cumulative knowledge of claims and risk exposures available to the Municipal Group.

Company Duties

S:t Erik Försäkring's duties include:

• Identifying risks
• Loss prevention
• Providing insurance solutions